​Innovating with the City to Offer Respite, Portal into Housing

halemauliola of The institute for human services

​Innovating with the City to Offer Respite, Portal into Housing

Hale Mauliola “Lodge of Healing Inspiration,” is meant to be safe respite for those on the street and is being built on an acreof land on Sand Island. 25 containers will offer 63 dwelling units designed to serve singles and couples, up to 87 people at a time. It is our goal to serve 250 homeless individuals in our first year at this facility.

Guests will be provided with private, modest accommodations in modified, insulated shipping containers as well as common areas for hygiene and recreation. The units will be lockable and some pets will be allowed. Meal service options will be tailored to each individual’s preferences ranging from on-site continental breakfast and self-prepared meals to dining at our Iwilei facility.

To be eligible for a stay at Hale Mauliola, homeless individuals must collaborate with one of our outreach specialists and demonstrate motivation to be housed. This will ensure quick transition into permanent housing, which is our goal for all of our guests.

Hale Mauliola will be a venue for healing, community, peace and restoration of the spirit. It will be an opportunity for guests to recover as they continue their journey into permanent housing.

We believe homelessness can end and we will continue to adapt our programs to a growing and changing homeless population, ensuring a spectrum of options that can guide any homeless person into housing. We thank you for continuing to invest in our solutions and impact.

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