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What’s Assisted Community Treatment (ACT)?

Date March 28, 2022
Assisted Community Treatment (ACT) allows a judge to require a mentally ill person who continues to refuse help to undergo out-patient mental health treatment. An ACT petition is made for chronically homeless individuals who are found to be dangerous to self or others, and/or suffering from severe, untreated mental illness...
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Permanent Housing - INSTA

The Purpose of Emergency & Specialty Shelters

Date March 7, 2022
The entry-level, or “lowest barrier” shelter is an emergency shelter. Low barrier refers to the minimal restrictions on who can be served by a program. Shelter facilities are meant to support those who are in immediate need or in crisis. At all of our shelters, we provide three meals a...
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Permanent Housing - INSTA

Helping clients find permanent homes

Date February 10, 2022
Our Housing Program consists of a constellation of services, all centered around the same goal: helping IHS guests and clients reach sustainable permanent housing. How a client reaches this milestone, and the resources they tap into to achieve it, varies from person to person.  Guest – Someone who takes shelter...
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Creating a Road to Success

Date January 21, 2022
When Joseph first showed up at Hale Mauliola (HMO), he was reserved and skeptical. All he knew about homelessness was the stereotypes. It didn’t take long for the HMO community to change his mind. In 2020, Joseph connected with a social worker who helped him transition into HMO. After moving...
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Hauʻoli Lā Hānau, Tutu Bert!

Date January 10, 2022
Roberta DuTeil, or as we know her best ‘Tutu Bert,’ turns 100 years young today, January 10th, 2022! An incredible milestone for an incredible person and family. Join us as we celebrate her virtually today and every day! Even after relocating to the U.S. Mainland in 1993, Tutu Bert has...
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