Kahauiki Village Activities Specialist

Job Type: Full-Time


Ideal candidate will assist with coordination of child and parental education activities to support outcomes of the Children’s Program in classroom and outdoor setting. Will keep safety a top priority at all times and can work well with the children, parents and volunteers in the program. Able to model and promote positive behaviors while developing positive conflict resolution skills with participants. Experience with presentation of subject matter utilizing a variety of methods/techniques for optimal learning experience. Will work collaboratively with families residing at KV and liaise with the property management company to resolve tenancy issues when needed.


1-2 years experience working collaboratively with children and families. Strong interpersonal and conflict management skills. Able to set examples for participants in program. Ability to think critically and ensure the safety and welfare of children participating in programs. Proficient in data entry, Microsoft Word. CPI and CPR certified or able to pass courses at IHS. Minimum HS degree or GED equivalent. Bachelors degree preferred.

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