Clinical Admin Coordinator

Job Type: Full-Time


Provide administrative and technical support to the Clinical Administration Director to achieve effective outcomes in a timely and efficient manner for the AMHD and ADAD programs.  This position will act as the primary liaison between the members of the team and contracting providers for successful referrals, authorizations, and discharges of clients. In addition, the coordinator will closely monitor and collect data validating that contract and accreditation standards are met for the AMHD and ADAD Programs.


Strong verbal and written communication skills with excellent interpersonal skills. Able to handle sensitive and confidential information professionally.  Background or knowledge of billing and/or accounting procedures and processes as well as office administration work. Bachelor’s in Human Services preferred or related field with 12 semester credit hours of psychology, sociology, or other social sciences.  Minimum 1 year administrative or office management experience. Able to coordinate day-to-day activities and support administrative functions of multiple staff. Computer proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and related software applications.  Must have CPI and CPR certification or able to pass courses at IHS.

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