Volunteer Coordinator (FT)

Job Type: Full-Time


Working with the Volunteer Manager, the Coordinator will mentor, coach and educate volunteers to develop leadership skills, on-site training and positive experiences through supporting the organizations many programs and departments. Facilitates recruitment, scheduling, onboarding, evaluation and recognition of individual volunteers who provide added value to the company through their time and resources. Assists with volunteer communications, including email marketing, training materials, social media and award/recognition programs. 



Associates in education, communication or other related field.  Bachelors preferred. The ideal candidate has a background in education with the ability to communicate effectively and nurture volunteers into positive volunteer experiences. Experience with volunteer coordination in various settings and events. Technical skills shall include operating Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel), Google email/docs, and has experience with navigating and operating social media business tools. Possess strong interpersonal communication skills, is organized and empathetic to connecting with various personalities while practicing customer service and representing the company's brand. Is flexible with time and schedule. 

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