COVID-19: Protecting our Employees

The safety of our employees (and our guests) throughout this global pandemic is our highest priority. Here's how we are doing our part to protect and care for our IHS ohana.

All employees are required to follow CDC safety guidelines. 

  • Wear a face covering unless medically contraindicated
  • Sanitize and wash hands frequently
  • Maintain safe social distancing at all times
  • Stay home if feeling sick or ill 

Prior to entering an IHS facility, all staff, visitors, and clients must: 

  • Wear a face covering 
  • Do a daily temperature check 
  • Health screenings (optional) 
    • IHS gathers basic health information to establish employee “baseline” file
    • To be used in event of contracting COVID-19 and are in IHS care 
    • Information includes: vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, respiration rate) and underlying medical conditions (such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory conditions)

PPE is provided by IHS. Depending on an employee’s job description, the use of specific PPE materials may vary. All employees must wear a face covering daily. 

Those who work directly with COVID-19 positive patients are required to wear the appropriate equipment, which may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Goggles or face shield
  • Disposable gloves
  • N95 face mask or respirator
  • Full body protective suits 
  • Shoe coverings 

IHS has made testing available to all staff and IHS clients. While not mandated (unless exposed to the virus), staff may undergo optional testing as a precautionary safety measure. Testing is available on Tuesdays at Thursdays across three locations each week. 

Care options (if infected)
Hotel or other safe and comfortable location to stay are provided for employees who are exposed or test positive and do not want to put their families at risk.

COVID-related leave
FFCRA leave is made available to employees who meet the established eligibility requirements.

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