Hale Mauliola at Sand Island

Located in Sand Island, Hale Mauliola is one of our most innovative specialty shelters.

Up-cycled shipping containers vibrantly painted in shades of yellow, green, orange, and blue offer a temporary housing solution for clients working toward a permanent home.

Serving up to 100 guests, Hale Mauliola provides short-term residences for singles and couples. Pets are like family here, too. Hale Mauliola is one of just two specialty shelters on the island of Oahu that allows guests to keep their furry friends. For some, pets play a pivotal role in overcoming homelessness, as they can support emotional wellbeing or be an essential service animal.

Hale Mauliola at sand island by The institute for human services

A large parking lot fronting the property ensures guests with vehicles can safely park overnight before leaving for work. If transportation is a problem, IHS also provides a complimentary shuttle service, allowing guests to remain self-sufficient.

Hale Mauliola fosters a sense of community among its guests while retaining their independence. There are multiple communal areas where guests can come together including the central hale, zen garden and shaded pavilion, outdoor kitchen, and gray water garden.

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