100 Hours of Service

Join us in honoring the legacy of our founder, Reverend Claude DuTeil. Father DuTeil dedicated his life to serving others. This year, we’re dedicating 100 Hours of Service (1HS) to celebrate his 100th birthday.

1HS is a contactless service initiative that can take place in your home, neighborhood, office, or even online. During the 100 hours beginning Thursday, August 27 at 10:00 am and lasting until Monday, August 31 at 2:00 pm, 1HS encourages individuals, organizations, families, and communities to show aloha to each other and give back to our community.

How it works:

  • Decide if you want to do a solo service or be part of a team.
    Encourage friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to join in! 
  • Choose an act of service. 
  • Select a day/time for your service (during the 100 hours between 10am on 8/27 and 2pm on 8/31). 
  • Give us a heads up at volunteer@ihshawaii.org, so we can follow along!
    Can’t decide? No rush! Join us anytime during 1HS weekend.
  • Post and share on social media.
    Tag us (@ihshawaii) and use the hashtag #1HSHawaii.

All participants who sign up in advance, complete their service, and tag IHS on social media will be eligible to win participation prizes.

On your service day:

  • DO: Do your act of service Between 10am on Thursday, August 27th and 2pm on Monday, August 31 
  • SNAP: Take photos or video! 
  • SHARE: Post on social media. Tag @ihshawaii on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #1HSHawaii.

Service Ideas:


  • Do any random act of kindness that inspires you!
  • Donate clothing, food or hygiene supplies to your favorite charity
  • Contact your local school and find out if they need help with supplies to support their school year
  • Prepare individual bags of pre-packed snacks or drinks to give to homeless individuals in your community
  • Sign up to serve a meal at IHS during 1HS weekend or in future
  • Sign up to sponsor a meal at IHS ($300 for a single shelter; $1000 across our 9 facilities network)
  • Educate your family or friends about homelessness in Hawaii by sharing information via your social media channels -- we’ll provide some suggested posts!
  • Write and/or perform a song, a poem, or a skit that speaks to the moment we’re in – the challenges of covid, the reasons for hope, the resilience of our island’s spirit


  • Schedule a small group service project in your community. Repair a broken fence, paint a weathered building, help a school set up an outdoor learning space, etc…
  • Invite a representative from your favorite non-profit to present (virtually or in-person) to your group to share information about the organization and its impact 
  • Host a goods drive – we are always looking for donations of food, clothing, shoes, undergarments, or hygiene supplies
  • Host a financial donation drive – pennies/spare change, have customers “round up”, match donations for a day or the whole weekend!
  • Sign up to serve a meal at IHS during 1HS weekend or in future
  • Sign up to sponsor a meal at IHS ($300 for a single shelter; $1000 across our 9 facilities network)

1HS Background 

Every summer, IHS staff and supporters come together to celebrate the life and legacy of our founder, Reverend Claude DuTeil, who started IHS on his 58th birthday on July 1, 1978.

The celebration has traditionally been a day of service, during which hundreds of people come together to do various service projects at our shelters or service locations. It is a time when we all give back together and remember our founder and the movement he started to reach out to homeless individuals and offer them dignity and hope for a brighter future.

This year would have been Father DuTeil’s 100th birthday and in his honor, we are extending Founder’s Day to an entire weekend. 100 hours during which IHS staff, supporters and concerned community members will come together to celebrate community, service, and the resiliency of our island’s spirit.

With social distancing measures still in place, we are encouraging people to do acts of service in their own communities – whether virtual or in-person – and to share them through social media.

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