Wish List

IHS Wish List

At IHS, we provide the necessities. Whether it’s backpacks for school children, diapers for infants or clothes for the elderly, these essentials improve the quality of life of those living in poverty. Your help with any of the following items will be given directly to an individual or family in need within IHS' care. 

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List updated in January 2021.

COVID-19 Needs
Forehead thermometers
Face masks & gloves
Hand sanitizer stations
Take-out containers
Rubbing alcohol & bleach
Mops and buckets
Clorox wipes
Toilet paper
Paper towels 

For the Keiki
Headphones for e-learning
New yoga mats
Baby wipes
Gift cards for
Car Seats
Breakfast Cereal & Snacks
Sports Balls**
Outdoor Playground Equipment
Arts & Crafts Supplies
School Supplies

* For all ages

** New or gently used only
Food Items
Rice (large bags - 50lbs ideal)
Canned goods (beans & meats)
Packaged foods (instant noodles, pasta)
Fresh foods (fruits & vegetables)

Home Goods  
Blankets, sheets & pillow cases 
Bathroom towels & wash cloths
Laundry soap & fabric softener
Dish-washing soap

Men's & Women's Clothing

Casual clothes**
Footwear (shoes, slippers, sandals)
New undergarments*
Adult diapers*

Toiletries & Hygiene
Shampoo & Conditioner
Baby Wash
Razors & Shaving Cream
Feminine Products
Small hand sanitizer

Tools for Success
Business attire**

Water Bottles
Adult Backpacks


(Pay as You Go)
Small Alarm Clocks

Community Drives

Complete this form and send it to Volunteer@IHShawaii.org to host a goods drive. All donated items go directly to IHS clients, free of charge. 

Many of these items are often packaged to create welcome home gift baskets, toiletries kits and back-to-school sets in which we must have enough items to produce about 20 to 50 at a time. Groups can help purchase enough supplies and assemble these for distribution. Gift cards from stores such as Walmart, Target and Ross and cash donations help greatly too. 

Donation Drop Off: Kaaahi Women & Family Shelter (546 Kaaahi Street). 8 am to 4 pm. You may unload items at the donation garage/drop off center on side of the building on Kaamahu Place.

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