Community Drives

At IHS, we strive to provide those experiencing homelessness with daily meals, hospitable shelter facilities, adequate hygiene products, and household furniture and necessities. We accept most items that help us achieve those goals.

Community Drives

If your organization is interested in setting up a Community Drive, please select the category you will be committing to, and submit your information below.

Donation Drop Off:

Kaaahi Women & Family Shelter
546 Kaaahi Street (cross Dillingham Blvd.)  
*Pull up to the gate/drop off center alongside the building (off Kaamahu Place)

Vehicle donations are accepted through Kokua In Kind.

See below for our updated needs/wish lists where 100% of donated items go directly to IHS clients, free of charge.

Welcome Home Gift BasketsWelcome Home Gift Baskets Cont.
Bedding - Sheets (50-Full & 50-Queen)
Bedding - Pillow Cases (Small & Large)
Bathroom Towels
Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener (100 containers)
Cookware (Pots & Pans)
Cooking Utensils 
Dish-washing Soap (100)
Rice Cookers (40)
Microwaves (40)
Dish Racks (100)
Cleaning Supplies: Mops & Buckets (100)
Cleaning Supplies: Clorox Wipes (50)
Cleaning Supplies: Glass Cleaners (50)
Cleaning Supplies: Stove Foil Liners (100)
Wash Cloths
Ross $50 Gift Cards for Move In Necessities (10)
Toilet Paper (100 rolls) 
Paper Towels (200 rolls)

Black Dress Shoes (Sizes 10-12)
Men's Jeans (Sizes 29-42)
Men's Dress Pants (Sizes 29-42)
Men's Shorts (Sizes 29-42)
Men's Dress Shirts (Sizes M-2x) 
Walking Sandals 
Scott Shoes 
Boxers (Sizes S-2x) 
Panties for Women & Girls 
Underwear for Men and Boys 

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