Strategies for Intervention with Mentally Ill Homeless Persons

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Below are resources that were shared throughout the seminar, available for download.

Documents are also available via Google Drive here.

ACT Petition

Assisted Community Treatment (ACT) allows a judge to require a mentally ill person who continues to refuse help to undergo out-patient mental health treatment. ACT program includes:

  • A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) who is appointed by the Family Court, to serves as advocates for the individual determined to be lacking decisional capacity
  • Case Management
  • Treatment that may include long-acting antipsychotic injection
Individualized Recovery Plan
MH-2 Application

An MH-2 order is when a licensed physician, psychologist, attorney, member of the clergy, health or social service professional or any state or county employee in the course of his employment may apply to the court for an ex parte’ (one-sided) order directing that a police officer or other suitable individual take a person into custody and deliver him to the nearest facility designated by the director for emergency examination and treatment.

ONP Referral Form
Seminar Slide Deck
Additional Resources
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