Medical Respite Homes

Named after Roberta “Bert” DuTeil, the wife of our founder, Father Claude DuTeil.

Humidity and heat accompanied with frequent tropical rainfall make life on the streets that much harder in Hawaii. Without access to clean facilities, homeless individuals are unable to upkeep their personal hygiene. Wounds created by a life of hardship are made worse while living in the elements. Many of Hawaii’s house-less end up in the emergency room with sores, infections, and sometimes more severe health concerns – even though they do not have health insurance.

The Tutu Bert Medical Respite Homes serve as places for rest and recovery. Emergency rooms and urgent care centers can provide aid, but homeless individuals often do not have the equipment or living spaces for specialized care following release from the hospital.

Tutu Bert Medical Respite Homes help bridge the gap in care, where homeless individuals would slip through the cracks. Those who need medical attention arrive at our respite homes and stay until they are fully recovered from their recent medical procedure, surgery, or other treatments.

Friendly staff and medical personnel are available around the clock. Meals and other supplies necessary for their recovery journey are provided to clients. Our locations are tucked away in Makiki, Kalihi, and Pearl City.

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