Ending Family Homelessness


Ending Family Homelessness


IHS is honored to have joined a host of community partners, led by the aio Foundation, in the development and operation of Kahauiki Village- a permanent housing facility for former homeless families with children. Over the course of 6 months, building contractors, Oahu Rotary Clubs, local businesses and many other community members came together to deliver a needed opportunity for struggling families. The village opened its doors to 30 families with young children on January 13, 2018. All of them had come from partner shelters across Oahu. Philanthropist and businessman Duane Kurisu’s vision of Kahauiki Village is that of a community for families emerging out of homelessness that will provide them with the opportunity to not only raise their children in a stable home, but begin saving funds and investing in their future. Unlike Public Housing, where the cost of rent increases as a person earns more, Kahauiki families pay an affordable flat rent which allows them to maximize savings and better manage their money, supporting upward mobility. 

Parents and Children Together (PACT) will operate an on-site childcare center that includes licensed preschool and daycare services. Palama Market will operate a sundry store, and a police rest stop has been built to enhance security for the residents. IHS will continue to coordinate support services and build community among the residents in partnership with property manager Newmark Grubb. Kahauiki Village is not only a modern reboot of Duane’s childhood plantation lifestyle, with a state-of-the-art alternative energy system and economically constructed tiny homes; it reaffirms that the foundation of affordable rent can allow working families to be contributing members of our community. Hope also inspires all kinds of possibilities, not the least of which are the way children see themselves and their dreams for the future.

Our community will be enriched by families able to raise their children without the stress and anxiety of housing and food insecurity; tax-paying parents who can affirm and nurture their children, all while modeling the values of working together and pooling resources to achieve shared goals. Kahauiki Village will allow parents once living under the cloud of homelessness to set their children on a path of success through education, a strong work ethic, and the stability of a modest, but safe and comfortable, home of their own. Kahauiki is a vision for the future inspired by the past; a testament of what is possible when a community comes together, and an opportunity for hard working families to build a successful lifestyle that inspires hope for their children's future.

**Featured Photo Courtesy of The Star Advertiser photographer Dennis Oda**