Community Impact

IHS Clients Stabilized into Housing (via Prevention & Placement)

Housing support services make it easier for households in crisis to transition out of homelessness. IHS offers a wide array of housing assistance options that are tailored to various homeless populations, including at-risk, recently homeless, chronically homeless, physically vulnerable, and more.

IHS Emergency Shelter Clients Served

We provide short-term stabilization through shelter options that lead to permanent housing. As of FY' 2016, IHS has begun to provide various homeless sub-populations with access to shelter options tailored to their individual needs.

IHS Food Program's Total Meals Served

Meals are a critical entry point for clients to experience IHS, develop relationships with staff, and consider services and housing. IHS staff provides three meals per day, seven days per week to anyone in need.

IHS Homeless Outreach Clients Served Across Oahu

Our team of highly trained Outreach Specialists move freely between the streets and shelter facilities, offering core services to unsheltered homeless persons living on the streets and in encampments.

IHS Employment Program Clients Served

We believe that every person thrives when they accept self-responsibility and work toward long-term sustainability. IHS' Hele-to-Work program offers comprehensive employment services that include job search and placement, resume building workshops, budgeting courses, access to ESL programs, dressing for success, and job skills development through our Urban Agriculture Rooftop Education and Training Center.

IHS Clients Receiving Case Management Support Services

We provide targeted and effective support services to clients who want to transition out of homelessness. With support of IHS Case Managers, homeless clients are better able to access entitlements, housing assistance, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, healthcare, employment, and community reintegration support.

IHS Remains a Highly Trusted Non-profit Organization Among Philanthropists

IHS received exceptional ratings by core philanthropic evaluators that assessed fiscal responsibility, financial health, accountability, and transparency. We strive to deliver impactful, quality-based services while being cost efficient and trustworthy with the monies our community provides us. This ensures that IHS is able to sustain its mission long-term.


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