The gift of service from a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran

Volunteer Spotlight: Leo Danaher

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, a time to celebrate the selflessness with which our incredible volunteers give of themselves for the sake of our community.

When most volunteers stopped coming due to the pandemic, Leo Danaher, U.S. Coast Guard active-duty veteran, continued to show up to serve. He has been volunteering with IHS for nearly a year now. On an average day volunteering, Leo helps the custodial staff at the Women’s and Family Shelter on Kaaahi Street in Honolulu, where we tend to be the most short-staffed. You might find him restocking supplies, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, helping with trash, and even sanitizing the building.

Leo is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and help out wherever needed -whether carrying heavy furniture up flights of stairs or scrubbing toilets without being asked. Leo reports each Thursday to serve with purpose and great humility.

My priority is to be helpful in any way that would best serve,” says Leo.

As an Eagle Scout raised on the value of community service, Leo has made it a point to volunteer everywhere he is stationed. Leo’s military deployments to developing, impoverished countries have inspired him to make America better.

His serving heart is what stands out the most about Leo. When asked what inspires him to serve all these years,  his answer is simple: “The truth is, my life is really blessed and there are a lot of people who just need a hand.” 

People like Leo help make this world a better place. In honor of National Volunteer Month, we thank Leo and all of our volunteers.

To learn more about becoming an IHS volunteer, click here.


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    April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, a time to celebrate the selflessness with which our incredible volunteers give of themselves for the...

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