Family Programs

We provide individualized, effective, and foundational services to support a person’s most basic human needs to overcome homelessness.

While we offer specialized services, IHS staff works to recognize the variation of what precipitates homelessness and match a client's specific needs with appropriate programs that effectively stabilize their health and well-being.

Children and Family Services

Our Family Program is designed to facilitate transition into permanent housing by promoting resiliency and skills to maintain permanent residences. Staff and partners focus on communication skills, economic barriers, parenting, coping strategies, and supporting children’s educational and social development through enrichment activities and programs. 

In FY 2016, IHS served 115-family households, including 176 adults and 224 children, 18 years old and younger. Before entering shelter, children often demonstrate low self-esteem, poor hygiene, malnourished, and often under-performing in school. Our Family Program commits to helping children and families re-establish a sense of “normalcy” through the shelter’s structure, establishing enrichment activities, homework club, summer fun and community activities outside of school. Children are often times reconnected with families at IHS after state intervention through Child Welfare Services (CWS).

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