We seek out those in need

IHS, The Institute for Human Services' outreach philosophy is to meet people wherever they are. That translates to their geographic location, their spiritual place and emotional condition. Outreach Specialists establish relationships and offer services to people who live in encampments, parks, under highways and a wide array of places.  

We take the time to understand an individual’s challenges, assess symptoms of loss and trauma and address causes that led to homelessness. This is how we identify a person's motivation to seek support; help them stabilize; and begin their journey to housing. By meeting their simple, immediate needs for healthcare, food and transportation, clients begin to trust us.

Our homeless outreach efforts have resulted in a reduction in homelessness, fewer negative interactions and complaints, and fewer arrests. Our "housing first" approach has resulted in a reduction of considerable costs to our medical, public safety, health and human services systems overall, in addition to improving health, well-being and stability of formerly homeless clients.

Learn more about our outreach initiatives here.

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