There's no place we won't go

IHS, The Institute for Human Services' meets people wherever they are. That translates to their geographic location, their spiritual place and emotional condition. Outreach Specialists establish relationships and offer services to people who live in encampments, parks, forests, under highways and an array of places.  

In addition to our daily outreach services, we conduct special programs such as these:

Service Fairs

Our mission work as a local nonprofit is far-reaching. Pop-up events take place across Oahu and include partnerships with a variety of service providers with specialties from mental health to substance abuse. Together, we deliver hot meals, mobile showers, clothes, employment opportunities and more. These events bring aid islandwide from North Shore towns to Windward communities. 

Night Outreach

This initiative enables us to reach those who are accessible in the evening including runaways, those with jobs by day, prostitutes and more. We are often their only source of help, information, and referrals to medical care and other necessary services. Learn more about our outreach initiatives during the 2020 COVID-19 crisis here

Street Medicine

In January 2017, IHS launched Hawaii's first street medicine program to help those considered chronically homeless in which their mental illness is so severe they have been unable to care for themselves and sometimes pose a danger to those around them. In some cases, we can help them access medicine that can effectively treat schizophrenia and other conditions that helps to end their homelessness. We also provide mobile health services such as life-saving prescription drugs and treatment. Learn more about health services that we provide and view Hawaii News Now's Emmy award-winning series Prescribing Hope about our work.

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