‘Imi Ola Piha Triage and Treatment Center

‘Imi Ola Piha (To Seek One’s Fullest Life) brings together physicians and advanced practice nurses with addiction medicine expertise, counselors, nurses and case managers to provide whole person care. In coming to this center, clients are choosing to make a permanent life change, despite often having a history of resistance to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why a triage and treatment center?

Around 20% of the homeless population on Oahu is classified as chronically homeless, and many require some immediate services to help them stabilize successfully. These may include: medical services, initiation of mental health care, and/or detox support before transitioning into shelter or longer-term treatment facilities. Unique to this site is the ability for patients to stay overnight while initial assessments and treatment take place.

What is the referral and admission process?

Referrals for admittance to ‘Imi Ola Piha may be through emergency services, homeless service providers, outreach workers, and community members.

Referral criteria include:

  • Adult (18+) experiencing homelessness
  • Needing behavioral health stabilization or substance abuse treatment
  • Stating they are ready to be clean and sober or receive psychiatric medication
  • Willing to dispose of drug paraphernalia
  • Ambulatory and able to independently bathe, use a toilet, and feed/dress oneself
What are stabilization services?

This short-term stabilization model allows a safe space for case managers and healthcare professionals to assess immediate and long-term needs, while navigating chronically homeless individuals to a solution that best supports their recovery.

Medically-monitored detox involves providing medication to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms that could occur when a substance dependent patient stops using.
Mental health services include initiation of psychiatric medication, counseling, and milieu (group) therapy.