Case Management

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General Case Management

The General Case Management Program provides services to assist individuals in obtaining and/or maintaining financial assistance, medical insurance, food, clothing, employment, vocational services, substance abuse treatment services, mental health services, physical health services and housing assistance. Case Managers collaborate and partner with various community agencies and internal departments for the purpose of obtaining necessary supports and services for their clients.

Community-based Case Management

Community-based case management services help individuals access necessary medical, nursing, social, restorative and rehabilitative services to reduce psychiatric and addiction symptoms and to develop optimal community living skills. Additional services include advocacy on behalf of the individual, coordination of services specified in the plan, such as medication management and rehabilitation services and crisis intervention.

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Family Case Management

Family Case Management is designed to facilitate transition to permanent housing while enhancing family resiliency. The program focuses on strengthening the entire family unit by addressing the causes of their homelessness and identifying ways to overcome their current situation. Communication skills, economic barriers, coping strategies, and educational resources are addressed. Additional services may include medical, psychiatric and substance abuse referral, domestic violence/trauma counseling, access to need-based programs, legal assistance, and employment/education referral.

Korean War veteran at the institute for human services

Veterans Case Management

The objective of Veterans Case Management is to provide homeless unsheltered and sheltered Veterans residing on the Island of Oahu with resources and services to meet the goal of securing and remaining in housing. Veterans Case Managers work closely with IHS department and the VA to help Veterans get back on their feet.

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