Substance Abuse Recovery Homes

Self sufficiency is the goal. Sobriety and responsibility is how our clients get there.

The Kalihi-Uka Recovery Homes (KURH) offer homeless individuals a safe and welcoming place to stay while going through substance abuse treatment. Residents here are enrolled in outpatient behavioral health programs and participate in daily activities to help maintain their sobriety.

For some homeless individuals, addiction to drugs and other vices is a major barrier to finding a permanent home. For others, it’s the reason they became homeless in the first place. Regardless of the type of substance abuse, the first step homeward is acknowledging the need for help.

At KURH, our staff work with health care professionals to create a pathway toward success and long-term sobriety. Clients are able to build a community amongst their peers, who face similar challenges. Together they form a supportive environment, uplifting one another to stay on the straight and narrow path.

Never Miss a Beat

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