Health Services

Laying a foundation of stable health.

Onsite medical services
Medical and psychiatric services are provided to shelter guests through the clinic at the Sumner Men’s Shelter, and health services are also offered through a partnership with the Kalihi-Palama Health Center at the Kaaahi Women’s & Family Shelter. Through the clinics, we serve patients with a range of concerns from wound care to chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cancers, COPD, and heart disease. Guests of our shelter have access to their medications through the clinic staff, who round the shelter twice each day to pass medications to those in need.

Hospital Referrals
As a hub for robust homeless services, we receive many referrals of homeless patients from Oahu hospitals and neighboring medical centers. Our goal is to be an easy access point for homeless services and provide a safe environment for clients to stabilize and obtain housing.

Medical Respite Homes
IHS Operates five Tutu Bert’s medical respite homes for homeless individuals being released from hospitals who need further medical monitoring but no longer need hospital-level care.

Street Medicine
We also offer a street medicine program to reach unsheltered homeless people in need. The street medicine team and outreach teams partner to visit with unsheltered homeless on the street, in beach parks, in encampments, and through referrals to treat ailments and encourage people to come in for help.

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