Veterans Engaged in Transition

Our veteran services offer safety, stabilization, and respite.

In partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), our services at the Veterans Engaged in Transition (V.E.T.) House addresses the vital needs of veterans in crisis. We offer stability by readily providing a safe home environment, nutritious meals, and supportive case management.

Guests at the V.E.T. House are able to find respite from a high-risk life on the streets and are given guidance to support their rehabilitation and personal growth. All veterans are empowered to rekindle their independence and, in doing so, pursue their new life goals.

Located in lush Kalihi Valley, the V.E.T. House is intended to restore and revitalize the formerly homeless veteran. A garden fronting the property creates an inviting and calm space for recovery. Weekly community beautification projects help guests cultivate a sense of community and the central dining room, where all guests have a seat at the table, establishes comradery – regardless of the various branches veterans have served in.

It is important to us that all veterans staying in the home know they are respected and appreciated for serving our country valiantly.

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