2023 Legislative Session Recap

2023 Legislative Session Recap

Seeing the needs of Hawaii’s homeless population right before us pushes us toward advocacy and has played a key role in the success of IHS services since our first storefront in 1978. The recent legislative session was exciting as there was a strong emphasis at the state and county levels on addressing Hawaii’s homelessness and chronic housing shortage. Below are three bills in particular that IHS advocated for that made it out of conferences and to our Governor’s desk:

  • HB950 – Relating to Assisted Community Treatment Orders
    This measure allows more effective processes for life-saving mental health interventions through assisted community treatment petitions.
  • HB1397 – Relating to Supportive Housing
    This measure creates a supportive housing pilot program addressing the increased need for supportive services for recently housed individuals.
  • SB898 – Relating to Kupuna Housing
    This measure temporarily expands rent supplements for qualified individuals over 62 years of age, allowing more kupuna to remain housed despite increased living costs. 

On July 1st, IHS will mark its 45th anniversary. As we commemorate this milestone, we know there is still much more to do. Working together, we can continue to improve systems to better align with the needs of our community so that kupuna who cannot afford assisted living can still access critical supportive services, disabled individuals can have supportive care and live independently, and those struggling with mental health and/or substance use can receive necessary treatment.

If you’d like to get more involved…

Advocating with us, visit ihshawaii.org/advocacy.
Donating your time and/or skills, visit ihshawaii.org/volunteer.
Donating monetary resources, visit ihshawaii.org/donate.

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