A Home for Recovery and Nourishment

the institute for human services: A Home for Recovery and Nourishment

A Home for Recovery and Nourishment

Having spent most of my career as a nurse, I’ve always been concerned with improving the overall health of homeless individuals—from serving healthier meals by growing vegetables and fish on our rooftop, to hiring a nurse to triage urgent healthcare needs, to integrating mental and physical healthcare into our services.

Through IHS’s partnership with The Queen’s Medical Center, we determined that homeless people needed a “home” where they could be discharged to complete post-acute care. Tutu Bert’s House, IHS’s sixth service site, was created as a place of healing, rest, and recovery for these individuals.

Bert DuTeil was an equal partner to IHS’s Founder Claude DuTeil and the backbone of the organization. She was a driver, cook, case manager, and nurse to the homeless individuals who needed her care. What an inspiration of loving kindness for our staff to emulate in all of our programs!

Thank you to all of the developers, tradesmen, retailers, and volunteers who supported our efforts to offer a soulful shelter to those who are not afforded some of the basic things that we often take for granted. As Hawaii’s homeless population continues to evolve, IHS’s services will continue to evolve to meet their needs.

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