A Letter from Our Director: Community Support

A Letter from Our Director: Community Support

Fueled by brainpower and heart, I believe that cross-industry partnerships can lead to innovative ideas that make a big difference in our communities. At IHS, I strive to embrace these collaborations in order to benefit from the new perspectives that individuals from other industries can bring to the table.

Recently, IHS partnered with a team of computer coders at the State’s first Annual Hackathon to create an app that would allow community members to make referrals via their mobile device, essentially inviting them to become an extension of our outreach team. The developers’ passion for service was as impressive as their coding abilities. I’m excited to reveal more details about the app in our next newsletter.

IHS also recently participated in a workshop hosted by the The Church of the Crossroads. We shared strategies on how to meet homeless people where they are, equipping faith-based communities with the tools they need to be more effective in their ministries and to wisely and safely invite connections with congregations.

Some of our other cross-industry partnerships include working with healthcare organizations, the visitor industry, and corporations. IHS is eager to partner with talent from other sectors in order to work together to solve some of the most pressing social issues surrounding homelessness.

As we continue to evolve and build new partnerships, our mission and vision needs to evolve as well. It’s no coincidence that our Board of Directors recently approved a more focused statement to reflect our evolving services:

“To create and offer tailored housing solutions for those in crisis, and nurture homeless people toward greater self-direction and responsibility.”

While the core of our mission is about helping homeless people access stable housing, it’s also about helping our community to “hānai” those among us who have lost their way.  We hope you will consider making a donation or volunteering to help keep our momentum going. We are IHS and we can end chronic homelessness on Oahu.

Connie Mitchell
Executive Director

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