A newly created position for 2020

A newly created position for 2020 of the institute for human services

A newly created position for 2020

March 2020 – The time has come for us to reach for even higher levels of success.  Our team continues to grow and and we are pleased to welcome Leina Ijacic as our Chief Administrative Officer. 

The newly created position will support our work in strategic planning, organization optimization, and direct oversight of its staffing, finance, and funding programs that include grants, community development, and human resources.  Leina’s other duties include performance improvement, budget management, hiring, contracts, and business negotiations.

She’s already set some ambitious goals including creating a strengthened infrastructure that increases teamwork, aligns departments, and engages the community to support the mission. Founded as a grassroots movement called The Peanut Butter Ministry in 1978, we became a 501c3 nonprofit in 1982. Over the years, our meals program and emergency shelters became focal points for the community to support the homeless population in need. As a training institute, students pursuing a variety of professions from social work to medicine became a driving force of success. Today, IHS offers nine shelters including specialized programs for families, veterans, those formerly incarcerated, the medically fragile, and those recovering from drug addiction. With nearly 200 personnel, it operates similarly to a triage center and creates customized plans for people in crisis through outreach and case management.

We want to poise our workforce to do more on the front-end of the issue through prevention and intervention, as well as optimize how we help our clients through the process of becoming self-sufficient. This system is not just IHS services but a labyrinth of external programs and services that include other nonprofits, government agencies, the medical community, and even landlords and housing providers.

Together, we stand in a unique position in this issue to change people’s lives and create opportunities where there weren’t any before. In the next few years, we are going to see more emphasis on access to treatment and more focus on helping people establish a basic foundation on which they can thrive.

This is an exciting time for The Institute for Human Services and we need your support more than ever.

P.S. – Pacific Business News subscribers can click here to read more about Leina in the March 2020 edition.

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