Programs & Statistics

Programs & Statistics of The Institute for Human Service

Meal Program

Meals are an entry point for clients to experience IHS, develop relationships with our team and consider accepting help and housing. IHS staff provides three meals daily to anyone in need. Over the past 10 years, we have served 2,849,999 meals. With a growing demand for homeless services, the demand for meals continues to increase each year.

Programs & Statistics of The Institute for Human Service

Employment Services

IHS’ Hele2Work program offers comprehensive employment services that include job search and placement, resume building workshops, budgeting courses, access to ESL programs, dressing for success, and job skills development through our Urban Agriculture Rooftop Education and Training Center. IHS has served a total of 7,719 individuals in the last 10 years.

Programs & Statistics of The Institute for Human Service

Emergency & Specialized Shelter Clients

Hawaii’s shelter system provides safety, short-term stabilization and is a stepping stone toward permanent housing. As homelessness and the needs of the community continues to evolve, our shelter system must adapt. Over the past 10 years, we have provided safety and short-term stabilization for 17,306 people.

Programs & Statistics of The Institute for Human Service

Housing Stabilization (Placement & Prevention)

Housing services help those in crisis to transition out of homelessness or stay housed if on the verge of eviction. By offering housing assistance options that are tailored to the individual, including those at-risk, recently homeless, chronically homeless, physically vulnerable, and more – we are capable of serving the community at large and continue to move thousands out of homelessness every year. In the past 10 years, 19,735 people have been provided subsidized and non-subsidized housing.

Programs & Statistics of The Institute for Human Service

Homeless Outreach Clients

Meeting unsheltered homeless people where they are – on the streets, geographically, spiritually and emotionally – is the nature of our homeless outreach program. IHS has evolved this team from being mainly focused on medical outreach providing wound care and health interventions, to being a housing-focused homeless outreach team that is capable of providing clinical interventions and generating interest in solutions to end their homelessness. Since the program began in 2008, IHS’ Outreach team has grown from 2 individuals to a team of 12. 6,223 individuals were helped in the past 10 years.

Health Services

Partnerships have grown to include H4 urgent Care, the Queens’ Care Collaboration, Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center, Kalihi Palama Health Center, Waikiki Health Center and hospital emergency departments.

IHS health services identifies people in need including those staying at shelters. We also provide urgent care by H4 to people who come in through outreach, screening for shelter admissions, wound care and medication management. We also help people establish primary care provider relationships.

IHS partnered with Honolulu Police Department, H4 to kick off the Chinatown Joint Outreach Center with other homeless services providers and continues to enjoy the collaboration of the UH John A Burns School of Medicine’s H.O.M.E. project that serves homeless persons and offers training for medical students.

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