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Fresh paint for a new perspective

Date September 20, 2021
The dining room at the Kaaahi Women’s & Family Shelter has long been a gathering place for guests. During meal times, children weave playfully between the tables while parents discuss the day and plan for the future. On off-peak hours, it is a place of relaxation, with board games, a...
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Community Re-entry Program: Rebuilding Lives and Reimagining the Future

Date July 2, 2021
Tana Alualu, case manager for IHS’s community re-entry program, knows exactly what just-released prisoners face as they take those first steps back into the community. “They can go back to what they were doing or they can come here,” he says. “Some people aren’t ready to make changes. Sometimes it...
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IHS’ kitchen serves food for the soul

Date April 23, 2021
To stand in the kitchen of The Institute of Human Services, you can feel a sense of warmth, comfort, and happiness that’s palpable as smiles abound amidst the hustle and bustle.
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