Chelsea Caban

chelsea caban of The Institute for Human Service

Chelsea Caban

I’m really happy to have my daughters back in a routine. Being homeless, everything gets out of whack and crazy. I watched my kids and I suffer. Things got out of routine. Now, it’s so good to see them have normalcy. I feel like it gave us a new chance to start fresh.

The girls are in school, right around the corner from our place. They’re making a lot of friends. My oldest daughter gets straight A’s and is doing really well. My other kids are adjusting and getting used to a new education plan, but you can see a big difference in their lives for the better. Now that its summer, you’d think we’d go to the beach and parks, but we used to live there when we were homeless. So our summers have been mainly relaxing in our new home, which we love.

The program has treated me great. They’re really helping with more than housing – they help with everything in life. Sometimes people just need that extra person that pushes you into a new routine, and that’s what I needed. I enjoy having my case manager and housing specialist check on me every so often. In many ways, it keeps me in check and makes sure I’m on track.

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