Homeless Keiki Find Respite at Summer Fun Events

Homeless Keiki Find Respite at Summer Fun Events

Homeless Keiki Find Respite at Summer Fun Events

For the past five years, IHS has collaborated with local business and community members to host Summer Fun programs for homeless keiki, including a wide range of activities from working in a fish pond to learning how to surf.  Each event is an opportunity to teach life-long lessons and values, including responsibility, leadership, caring, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence, giving keiki a break from the day-to-day stress of living in a shelter.

Homeless children often face a set of continually changing circumstances, including where they live and attend school, their group of friends, nutrition, extracurricular activities, and even sleep. This instability often results in low self esteem, an inability to focus, poor school performance, and emotional distress. Our Summer Fun programs provide keiki with the consistency and structure they need to rebuild their confidence.

Each year, IHS serves approximately 100 families, including about 200 kids from infant to 17 years old. 

In addition, IHS offers programs for parents at our Kaʻaahi Women & Family Shelter that help them support their children during what can often be a stressful and traumatic time. Programs include how to support academic success, how to be a child’s first teacher, nutrition, after-school programs, health screenings, and substance abuse support services. These programs, combined with budgeting and lifestyle counseling, help strengthen families as they transition to permanent housing.

We’d like to thank our 2016 Summer Fun Partners:

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