How to Help For the Holidays

holidays food drive by The institute for human services

How to Help For the Holidays

Frequently Asked Questions About How Best to Help Those Who Are Homeless in Our Community

What about Christmas Gift-Giving to people who are homeless?   Should we hand out items in the park?

Please support the shelters with unwrapped gifts. We often need gifts for our men particularly because most people are willing to give to families with children and women—but we could use donations of all sorts!  Our Outreach Teams often know who the folks in the parks are and how best to support them.  Sometimes these gifts can be best used through our Outreach Teams to motivate people to seek help. The gifts could also be distributed by our Outreach Teams at the regular Service Fairs in Haleiwa, Wahiawa, and Mōʻiliʻili.

What if our worship community members want face-to-face interaction with guests?

We ask that you invite our guests to special holiday programs that you host, e.g. a meal followed by accompanying them to the event so they can feel “at home” and welcome. Please contact us if you feel you need training on how to do this safely and gracefully. Otherwise we always welcome assistance serving meals at the shelters—we still have a number of available slots during the holiday season, especially for breakfast and lunch. Your group could carol or bring holiday treats to share with our guests during our meals!

We want to make sure the gifts we give are the most needed—what should we give?

IHS has a holiday store where our guests are able to pick things to give to their kids and loved ones. This allows our guests to be able to give to others and not just receive—a wonderful feeling! These are our most needed items:

For Our Guests
  • Full-size Toiletry Baskets
  • Shaving Supplies for Men and Women
  • Deodorant for Men and Women
  • Battery Operated Toothbrushes (Very helpful for guests with no dental care)
  • Underwear, Socks, Shirts, Slippers, Close-Toed Shoes, and Pants for Men
Medical Services
  • A neurologist who can receive referrals from our case managers
  • Dentists, especially those who can provide sets of teeth!
  • Unopened medicines, e.g. cortisone cream, cough/flu, ibuprofen/aspirin
Shelter Facilities
  • Our kitchen desperately needs an upgrade. If you know about a decommissioned or remodeling commercial kitchen that would be willing to donate appliances in good working shape please let us know!
  • Anything that can help make food prep easier, such as commercial: fruit and meat slicers, large rice cookers, and a mixer with a vegetable-slicing attachment
  • Medium and large ice cream scoopers with spring-levers
  • Serving utensils and tongs
  • Oven mitts and cloth aprons
  • Big trash bins with lids
  • Kitchen pans
  • Rubber kitchen floor mats
  • Rice, cooking oil, sugar, cream, coffee, salad dressing, canned goods, especially meats

For more information on how to donate or get involved, contact our development office at 808-447-2810 or

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