How Will Honolulu Elections Affect Homelessness on Oahu?

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How Will Honolulu Elections Affect Homelessness on Oahu?

A recent survey showed 90% of Hawaii voters believe homelessness is a major problem in Hawaii with 50% stating they believe government officials need to spend more time and money addressing the issue. This election season, political races for State House and Senate Representatives, City Council members, Prosecuting Attorneys, the Honolulu Mayor and our Congressional delegates are being assessed by voters. Each elected official will have a significant impact on how our Federal, State, and City governments contribute to homeless solutions.

This year in particular, there has been a lot of discussion about the issue in debates and interviews. IHS has received many inquiries from Hawaii residents trying to better understand the proposed homeless solutions. We hope you will take the time to educate yourselves about effective, cost-efficient and evidence-based solutions for homelessness.

The decisions made by voters and our elected officials determine whether or not we have the resources we need to get homeless individuals and families back into a home and the community. Issues such as affordable housing, Hawaii’s ice epidemic, the dismantled health system, the ineffective public health system, and economic prosperity will all affect the rate of people falling into homelessness.

IHS has a responsibility to provide input on homeless solutions and to engage our public and elected officials. We insist on open dialogue to keep everyone informed about progress being made and opportunities for change. We will continue to provide you with information on how you can help hold our elected officials accountable. Please sign up for our email newsletter to receive updates and help us continue the synergy in our community.

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