IHS Mobile Employment Center Will Bring Jobs & Opportunity to Unsheltered Homeless

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IHS Mobile Employment Center Will Bring Jobs & Opportunity to Unsheltered Homeless

Contrary to what many people think, most clients experiencing homelessness want to work. We believe that people thrive when they are productive and able to contribute to our community. By embracing work as part of a pathway out of homelessness, people gain the competence and confidence they need to accelerate their goal of achieving housing. Early on, we set an expectation of employment as part of an effective solution to homelessness for any able-bodied guest in our shelter.

With a robust economy and record low unemployment rates, it is prime time for persons seeking employment opportunities. This month, the IHS Pop-up Employment Center will take employment services and jobs on the road to make employment more accessible to unsheltered homeless living in encampments and communities throughout Oahu, including Waikiki, Waimanalo, Waipahu, Kapolei, Haleiwa, and Waianae.

For the 794 individuals who utilized IHS’ employment program during the past three years, it started with access and motivation. Now, in collaboration with community partners, we are expanding homeless outreach in order to engage more unsheltered homeless persons in returning to work, getting full time jobs, and increasing their income.

Job preparations include topics such as dressing for success, resume building, interview skills, ESL courses, transportation assistance, budgeting courses, and tailored skill development to support career goals. Job coaches also provide ongoing support for clients as they transition into their new job, which helps sustain employment.

Employers with job openings are encouraged to become part of our network. Our team matches clients with the right employers and assists with background checks and screenings upon request.

Are you an employer with a job opening?

You are invited to join our Employment Network.
Call or email our Hele2Work Employment Program at 808-447-2844, or Hele2Work@ihs-hawaii.org

Download the Mobile Employment Center Schedule Here

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